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LC Dept. of Journalism Launches New Website

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Pineville, LA…The future is now for Louisiana College’s Department of Journalism with the official launch of its new student media website:

The website incorporates the tradition of LC’s student newspaper, The Wildcat, into the new media world of the Internet.

“We wanted to give our students a better opportunity to learn as well as the chance to develop their craft on a platform that matches the changes in the media industry,” said Al Quartemont, Instructor of Journalism. “This website not only enhances that opportunity, it will also better serve our campus and the greater LC community with more current, relative, and even multi-media news elements.” will eventually incorporate the campus radio station, KZLC, as well as work from students in broadcasting classes. In terms of interactivity, will have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There is also a student discussion forum that will allow students to connect on anything from classified ads to general discussions.

Visitors to the website will also notice the strong presence of photographs from campus events – both in a front page gallery called “Scenes from Campus” and expanded slide shows within individual articles.

            “This launch is only phase one of what we would like to do with this website,” said Quartemont. “We understand that the newspaper industry is undergoing a dramatic shift. We want our LC journalism and broadcast students to have the best possible preparation for that shift.”

“Furthermore, we invite the LC community to be part of this effort. We welcome anyone who has an interest in writing to contact us. We also welcome and encourage all campus groups and organizations to utilize the website as a resource for the promotion or coverage of any newsworthy events. Our vision is for to become the premiere news source for Louisiana College.”


For more information:

Phone: 318-487-7598


Al Quartemont

Faculty Advisor