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PTA Program to host “Open House” June 10th

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Pineville, LA.The Louisiana College School of Nursing and Allied Health announces an “open house” for the Physical Therapists Assistant (PTA) Program. This informational meeting will take place on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. on the ground floor of Guinn Auditorium on the campus of LC.


Interested students are invited to join the PTA faculty as they provide an overview of the program including admission requirements, curriculum, and clinical education information. A tour of the PTA classrooms and facilities will also be provided.


Amy Stallings, PTA Program Director, explained, “The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Louisiana College has had a busy and very rewarding two years with the graduation of the program’s first cohort in May and also the achievement of full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Anyone interested in learning more about the PTA program as well as opportunities to become a part of a dynamic, thriving profession is invited to attend.”


For more information about the PTA open house contact Mrs. Stallings at (318) 487-7162 or visit




Spring 2010 Dean’s List

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Pineville, LA Louisiana College Office of Academic Affairs announces its Dean’s List for the spring semester 2010. Students are listed in alphabetical order by last name, followed by classification, major, and hometown.


Students with a 4.00 GPA


Stephanie Baer, JR, English, Monroe; Andrew Bates, SO, Management/Marketing, Winnfield; Tamera Branham, SR, Public Admin, Alexandria;  Emily Breaux, SO, Athletic Training, Lafayette; Heather Brinker, SR, Thibodaux; Janet Butler, SR, HPE, Eros; Andrea Cadwallader, SR, Management/Marketing, Natchitoches; Casey Rowland Carroll, SR, Management/Marketing, Pineville; Dustin Carter, JR, Public Admin, Pineville; Tabatha Carter, SR, Biology, Elmer; Cory Chandler, SR, Interdisciplinary Study, Pineville; Kendall Chenevert, SR, Fitness & Wellness, Pineville; Ashleigh Clement, SR, HPE, Oak Grove; Jacob Diebold, SR, Biology, Monroe; Lilly Do, JR, English, Pineville; Ashley Duplantis, SR, Chemistry, Erath; Chukwuma Ekeh, JR, Psychology, Little Rock, AR; Stacy Elder, SR, Psychology, Sulphur; Joshua Engen, SO, Public Admin, Ball;  Allison, Fontenot, SO, Management/Marketing, Pineville; Bridgett Forman, SR, Biology, Pineville; Natalie Fruge, JR, Social Work, Sulphur; Allison Frye, SR, HPE, Pineville; Jessica Galloway, SR, Elem. ED. , Covington; Brady Glaser, JR, History, Dry Creek; Christopher Gotreaux, JR, Psychology, DeRidder; Sara Hahler, JR, Mathematics Ed., Grant; Courtney Hamilton, SR, Criminal Justice, Alexandria;  Katherine Hartzog, SR, English, Baton Rouge; Mason Hess, SR, Sociology, Moreauville; Meggie Hixon, SR, Biology, Sulphur; Phillip Hunter, SO, Psychology, Monroe; Daniel Hutto, SO, Minden; Terry Iles, SR, Pineville; Lauren Jackson, SO, Pre-Physician Assistant, Alexandria; Sarah James, SR, Journalism, Anacoco; Abbey Johnson, SR, Nursing, Bastrop; Lauren Kelley, JR, Biology, Pineville; Timothy King, SR, Psychology, Shreveport; Tori LaLande, SR, Elem. Ed. DeRidder; Hannah Lanier, JR, General Business, Sulphur; William Larry, SR, Athletic Training, Oakdale; Quinn Lavespere, SR, Journalism, Colfax; Britton LeBlanc, SR, Criminal Justice, Shreveport; Jessica Lemmons, SR, Psychology, Ball; Derek Lewis, SR, Interdisciplinary Study, Houston, TX; Leah Marshall, SO, English, Longville; Marjorie McBride, SR, Nursing, Woodworth; Christopher McDowell, JR, Theatre Arts, Deville; Wesley McKay, JR, Dry Prong; Chris McLin, SR, Psychology, Pineville; Martha Means, SO, Nursing, Pineville; Lindsay Merchant, JR, Accounting, Lake Charles; Devin Moncada, JR, Ball; Clay Morris, SR, Economics/Finance, Greenwell Springs; Steven Niette, JR, English, Natchitoches; Nicholas Philpot, JR, Athletic Training, Pineville; Samuel Pope, SO, Pre-Med, Alexandria; Julie Quarles, FR, Interdisciplinary Studies, Pineville; Marcel Dane Reeves, SO, undecided, Longville; Nicole Richmond, SR, Journalism, Monroe; Emily Robertson, SR, Fitness & Wellness, Pineville; Sara Michelle Rush, SR, Social Work, Deville; Samantha Ryan, SR, Elem. Ed. , Pollock; Maegan Sanders Schopper, SR, Social Studies Ed., Alexandria; Rene Schwartzenburg, JR, Psychology, Cottonport; Richard Sharp, SO, Accounting, Deville; Jennifer Sikes, SR, Elementary Ed., Pineville; Joanna Tate, SR, HPE, Holden; Mersena Taylor, SR, General Studies, Pineville; Hannah Tull, SR, Elementary Ed., Deville; Mary Unsworth, SO, History, Sulphur; Phillip Vincent, SR, Religious Ed, Lake Charles; Timothy Vu, JR, Pre-Med, Orinda, CA; Justin Walker, SO, Gen. Business, Pineville; Savannah Walker, SR, Accounting, Deville; Katie Watson, SR, Biology, Walker; Casey White, JR, Chemistry, DeQuincy; Sarah Whittington, SR, Athletic Training, Tioga; Megan Wigley, SR, Trinidad, TX; Alisha Williams, JR, Mathematics, Bunkie; Carlee Wilson, SO, English Ed., Greenwell Springs; Anna Wynne, JR, Sociology, Alexandria; Alexa Younger, SR, Covington; Jennifer Zundel, SR, Accounting, Baton Rouge.


Students with GPA of 3.50-3.99


Sarah Tucker Allen, SR, Biology, Pineville; James Arnold, SO, Bentley;Kayla Ash, SR, Psychology, Oakdale; John Babineaux, JR, HPE, Breaux Bridge; Jennifer Baier, SR, Graphic Design, Pineville; Justin Bailey, SR, Calhoun; Aubrie Ballina, SR, Psychology, Mandeville; Glenn Barras III, Biology, Baton Rouge; Garrett Bean, FR, Criminal Justice, Chalmette; Chasity Bell, SR, Psychology, Oakdale;

Jared Boydstun, JR, Dry Prong;  Joshua Breland, SO, Jena; Taylor Brewer, JR, Nursing, Trout; Tiffany Broussard, SR, Fitness & Wellness, New Iberia; Maurice Brown, JR, Accounting, Beaumont, TX; Cody Brownlee, JR, HPE, Nettleton, MS; Kayla Bustard, SR, Studio Art, Alexandria; Alicia Butler, SR, Psychology, Dry Creek; Joseph Buzzetta, SO, Communication Arts, Alexandria; Jonathan Carter, SO, Pre-Med, Pineville; Barry Chamberlin, JR, Pre-Med, Dry Prong; Marie Champagne, SR, Mathematics Ed., Breaux Bridge; Tanya Coffey, SR, Social Work, Pineville; Joseph Cole, SR, Music, Deville; Jeremy Cox, SO, Athletic Training, Lake Charles; Jacob Crump, SO, English, Pineville; Zachary Daenen, SO, Criminal Justice, Pollock; Jack Daigrepont, JR, Pre-Dental, Mansura; Bandon Davis, SR, Fitness & Wellness, Pineville; Steven Davis, SR, HPE, Monroe; Trisha Deville, JR, Social Work, Libuse; Allyson, SO, Nursing, Lafayette; Michael Doughty, SO, Management/Marketing, Crowley; William Douglass, SR, Technical Theatre, Kaneohe, HI; Derek Dunn, JR, Economics/Finance, Pineville; Lauren Dunn, SR, Media Communications, Pineville; Myra Eggleston, JR, Lake Charles; Kathleen Fairchild, JR, Fitness & Wellness, Denham Springs; Troy Folse, SR, Economics/Finance, Lake Charles; Kelli Foxworth, SR, Elementary Ed, Covington; Sam Franklin, SO, DeRidder; Kristen Fuselier, JR, Alexandria; Shane Garon, SR, Biology, Alexandria; Joe Gentry, SO, Psychology, Pineville; Phillip George, SO, Baton Rouge; James Gilbert III, SR, Deville; Loren Golmon, SO, Athletic Training, Dubach; Brock Graziadei, SR, HPE, North Pole, AK; Devan Greene, JR, Biology, Kaplan; Hilaree Guin, SO, Nursing, Pineville; Beverly Guise, SR, Accounting, West Monroe; Brianna Hall, SO, Pre-Med, Shreveport; Deanna Hargrove, undecided, Many; Taylor Henderson, SR, Nursing, West Monroe; Hali Hunt, SR, Elementary Ed, Alexandria;  Daniel Hunter, SR, Pineville; Josheph James, SR, Atletic Training, Alexandria; Hayley Jeffus, SR, French, Pineville; Jeremy Jenkins, SR, Management/Marketing, Deville; Joshua Johnson, SO, General Business, Dry Prong; Bryan Jones, SO, Chemistry, Pineville; Lee Jones, JR, Biology, Lake Charles; Jason Kees, SR, Anacoco; Jon Kidd, SR, HPE, West Monroe; Hunter King, SR, Covington, Cody Kingham, JR, Lake Charles; Cody, Laprarie, SR, HPE, Colfax; Han Le, JR, Studio Art, Pineville; Cornel LeBlanc, SO, Biology, Elmer; Julie LeBlanc, SR, Communication Arts, Pineville; Gabrielle Lee, JR, Nursing, Alexandria; Seon Yeong Lee, SR, Biology, HaNam-Si, Korea; Kalinda LeJune, SR, Biology, Pineville; Brandon Lewis, SR, Athletic Training, Nashville, TN; Taylor Lingenfelter, SO, undecided, Tioga; Stevi Longoria, SR, Psychology, DeRidder; Daniele Lucas, SR, General Business, Laurel, MD; Christopher Magee, SR, Management/Marketing, West Monroe; Clifford Magee, SR, HPE, Winnfield; Derek Marcantel, SR, Biology, Pineville; Ashley Martin, JR, Nursing, Marrero; Jodi Martin, SR, English, DeQuincy; Rebecca Masse, JR, Management/Marketing, Union, MS; Paige Rushing Mayeux, SR, Elementary Ed, Pineville; Cory Mayon, SR, Athletic Training, Morgan City; Natalie Mazhambe, SR, Psychology, Pineville; Alice McCullin, SR, Social Work, Alexandria; Anna McGee, SR, Oakdale; John McGee, SR, HPE, Pineville; Meredith McMullen, FR, Elementary Ed, Alexandria; Kimberly McNaughton, SR, General Studies, Woodworth; Grant Medine, SO, Athletic Training, Gonzales; Jordan Meisner, SO, Media Communications, Baton Rouge;  Hayden Melancon, JR, Sociology, Gonzales; Cody Miguez, SO, HPE, New Iberia; Brant Miranda, SR, Prairieville; Lucas Moncada III, SR, Ball; Jodi Montagnino, Sr, Fitness & Wellness, Baton Rouge; Stuart Morgan, JR, HPE, Benton, MS; Deanna Mutch, JR, Biology, Las Vegas, NV; Crystal Paul, SR, Elementary Ed, Pineville; Saprina Pearson, SR, Accounting, Pineville; Heath Poche, SR, Biology, Dry Prong; David Powell, SR, History, Baton Rouge; Rachael Quarles, JR, Social Work, Pineville; Marlisa Quinney, JR, Journalism, Alexandria; Joshua Raley, SO, Nursing, Arcadia; Tiffany Raymond, JR, Mathematics, Mount Hermon; Nickalas Remedies, SO, Athletic Training, Many; Kelvin Rhodes, SO, Criminal Justice, Mesquite, TX; Ryan Riche’, SR, Biology, Lecompte; Katie Rimmer, SR, Biology, Rayne; Penny Rosier, SR, Interdisciplinary Studies, Pineville; Todd Roszell, SR, Criminal Justice, Deville; Mary Alice Roy, SR, Interdisciplinary Studies, Pride; Gregory Russell, SR, Sociology, Alexandria; Amber Scallan, JR, Psychology, West Monroe; Laura Shirley, SR, Studio Art, DeRidder; Cameron Shull, JR, Biology, Sulphur; Jill Skluzacek, SR, Social Work, Alexandria; Zachary Slaughter, SO, Pre-Engineering, Lecompte; Brittany Smith, SO, Nursing, Gulf Breeze, FL; Chelsie Smith, SO, Nursing, Gulf Breeze, FL; Shannon Smith, SR, Social Work, Ball; Angela Sorrels, SR, Elementary Ed, Minden; Richard Stone, SR, HPE, Texarkana, AR; Benjamin Swain, SR, Music Performance, Ruby;  Kenneth Taylor, SR, History, West Monroe; David Thomas, SR, Lake Charles; Rachel Tillman, SR, Biology, Bastrop; Adam Townley, SR, Criminal Justice, Alexandria; Dustin Tubre, SR, Biology, West Monroe; Justin Usey, JR, Athletic Training, Belle Chasse; Gregory Uzee, SR, Management/Marketing, Gretna;  Brian Verrett, SR, Denham Springs; Zachary Veuleman, JR, Biology, Pleasant Hill; Adena Vincent, SR, Psychology, Sulphur; Kristie Waddle, SR, Elementary Ed; Merryville; Jordan Wade, SR, Studio Art, Jonesville; Ben Waites, SR, Interdisciplinary Studies, Ball; Hal Wales, JR, Pineville; Hunter (Rusty) Ward, FR, Accounting, Shreveport; Heather Waring, FR, General Science Ed, Pineville; Matthew Warren, JR, Management/Marketing, Castor; Christopher Warrick, SO, Piano Performance, Pittsburg, TX; Kyle Watt, SR, Sociology, Pineville; Taylor Weaver, JR, Criminal Justice, Pineville; Tony Webb, SR, Communication Arts, Oak Grove; Kortni Wennihan, SR, General Studies, Pineville; Elliott West, SR, HPE, Pine Prairie; Chase Wiley, SR, General Studies, Effie; Amber Williams, SO, Psychology, Pineville; Kelly Williams, SR, History, Monroe; Kira Williams, JR, Biology, Lake Charles; Lane Williams, FR, undecided, Deville; Nicole Williams, SR, Fitness & Wellness, Chauvin; Patrice Williams, SO, Sociology, Alexandria; John Willie, SR, Theatre Arts, Dry Prong; Kelli Willis, SO, Biology, Pitkin.

LC 2010 Commencement Available on DVD

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Pineville, LA.The Louisiana College 2010 commencement is available on DVD for $25 a copy. The LC Media Communications department filmed the ceremony on Saturday, May 8th in Guinn Auditorium on the campus of LC.

Anyone interested in ordering a copy should download and fill out the attached form and return to:

Louisiana College
Attention: Jeff Young
Box 554
Pineville, LA. 71359

For more information contact professor Young at or (318) 487-7321.

Commencement DVD Order Form [PDF]

LC to Host NCAA Division III Softball Regional

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


PINEVILLE - For the first time in three years, Louisiana College will play host to an NCAA Division III Softball Regional. A trip to the Division III World Series will be on the line starting Friday at noon when Louisiana College, currently ranked No. 1 in the nation, plays host to five other teams in a three-day tournament. Admission will be $5 for general admission and $12 for seat backs, daily. No three-day passes will be issued. All LC games will be carried live on KZLC Louisiana College’s radio station 95.5 FM. Also, the LC athletics web site will feature a tournament central page where fans can get live updates throughout the tournament.

LC should have little trouble recognizing its opponents in this year’s regional as three of the five visiting teams in the six-team regional hail not only from the Lady Wildcats’ home conference, the American Southwest Conference, but also from Louisiana College’s home Division. Fellow ASC East teams Texas-Tyler (the nation’s No. 2 team), East Texas Baptist (No. 10) and Mississippi College will vie for a berth in the World Series in Eu Claire, Wisc., alongside Southwestern (Texas) and La Verne (California).

The three-day tournament will begin at noon on Friday with the host team taking on La Verne in game one. Texas-Tyler and Southwestern will follow at 2 p.m. in game two and Mississippi College and East Texas Baptist at 4 p.m. in game three.

The losers of games one and two will square off in an elimination game at 6 p.m. in the fourth and final game of the first day. Day two will start at noon with the LC-La Verne winner taking on the loser of the Mississippi College-East Texas Baptist game. The winners of the Texas-Tyler-Southwestern and MC-ETBU games will play at 2 p.m. with the remainder of the weekend’s schedule being dependant upon the outcomes of the first six games.

The potential tournament schedule is as follows (game times TBA unless otherwise noted):

Game 1: Louisiana College vs. La Verne (noon)
Game 2: Texas-Tyler vs. Southwestern (2 p.m.)
Game 3: Mississippi College vs. East Texas Baptist (4 p.m.)
Game 4: Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 (6 p.m.)

Game 5: Winner Game 1 vs. Loser Game 3 (noon)
Game 6: Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3 (2 p.m.)

Late Saturday and Sunday (Game Times and Participants TBA)

If four teams remain after Game 6
Game 7: Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6
Game 8: Winner Game 4 vs. Loser Game 6
Game 9: Loser game 7 vs. Winner Game 8
Game 10: Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 9
Game 11: Same teams as Game 10

If five teams remain after Game 6
Game 7: Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game 6
Game 8: Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5
Game 9: Winner Game 6 vs. Winner Game 7

If two teams remain after Game 9
Game 10: Winner Game 8 vs. Winner Game 9
Game 11: Same teams as Game 10

If three teams remain after Game 9
Game 10: Winner Game 8 vs. Loser Game 9
Game 11: Winner Game 9 vs. Winner Game 10

Students Awarded Scholarships to Study in Belgium

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Pineville, LA…Two Louisiana College students were recently awarded scholarships to study in Belgium for three weeks this summer. In July, junior French majors Hayley Jeffus of Pineville and Quinn Sarkies of New Iberia will travel to Belgium where they will have the opportunity to hone their language and conversational skills and enlarge their cultural knowledge at the Université de Liège. 


According to LC French instructor, Cécile Barnhart, CODOFIL (Council for the Development of French in Louisiana) facilitates the awarding of scholarships to Louisiana French teachers and majors in an effort to encourage the preservation of the French language in the state. The students’ scholarship awards include tuition, room and board for three weeks.  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to go on weekend excursions to broaden their cultural perspectives on the French-speaking world.