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2011 Homecoming Schedule

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Homecoming 2011 – TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

October 20, 21, 22

Theme:  L.C. Shines


Thursday, October 20


9:30 a.m.             Brunch honoring Distinguished Alumni                        

                            Lynn Alumni Center

10:45                   Homecoming Chapel Service                                          

                            All faculty, staff, students, family,

                            and friends of Distinguished Alumni

                            Guinn Auditorium

1:00 p.m.             Alumni Golf Tournament                                                 

                            Links on the Bayou


Friday, October 21


Noon                  Fiftieth Reunion Luncheon for Class of 1961 and

                            prior years

                            Granberry Conf. Center

2:30 p.m.            Art Exhibit                                                                           


3:00 p.m.            Tricycle Race, Faculty v. Students                                 

                           Front of Alexandria Hall     

5:00 p.m. &       Men’s and Women’s Soccer                                           

7:00 p.m.           Wildcat Stadium

9:30 p.m.            Bonfire and Pep Rally                                                       

                           Commuter Parking Lot


Saturday, October 22

All alumni invited to attend:


9:00 a.m.             Homecoming Registration and Reception                    

                            Lynn Alumni Center

9:30 a.m.             Missionaries Reunion                                                       

                            Lynn Center Conf. Room, 2nd floor

9:30 a.m.             Art exhibit                                                                           


9:30 a.m.             Football Reunion                                                               


9:30 a.m.             Nursing Reunion – celebrating 25 years                        

                            Nursing Skills Lab

9:30 a.m.             Resident Assistant “RA” Reunion                                 

                            White Parlor, Cottingham Hall


10:30a.m.            Reception honoring Hall of Fame Inductees and

                            Distinguished Alumni  

                            Granberry Conf. Center Formal Lounge 

11:30 a.m.           Celebration Banquet honoring Hall of Fame Inductees and

                            Distinguished Alumni and returning alumni

                            Granberry Conference Center

2:30 p.m.             Homecoming Parade                                                         

                            Campus Circle


3:00 p.m.            Young Alumni Reunion before the game; jumpers;

                            face painting, balloons for kids                                  

                           Tudor Lawn


4:30 p.m.            Homecoming Game                                                           

                           Wildcat Stadium                 


Sunday,  October 23:


10:15                   Homecoming Church Service – all alumni invited      

                            First Baptist Church, Pineville  


Monday, August 29th, 2011

Fourteen students from Anhui Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Fengyang, China will soon travel to Louisiana College for fall and spring classes as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching program.  In preparation for the transition from China to Louisiana, representatives from Louisiana College visited Anhui Province in China to teach the required courses to begin the program.

Dr. Randall Esters, Dean of the Education Division at LC, Allison Bruchhaus, Director of College Communications for LC, and Dr. Anna Nguyen, Director of the ESL program at LC all traveled to ASTU to teach and to help students prepare for the next two semesters in a foreign country.  Esters, Bruchhaus, and Nguyen were welcomed by Mr. Zhang, Dean of the Center for International Relations at ASTU, and Mingyan Hu, Assistant Director of the Center for International Relations.

ASTU entered into a partnership with LC in January, 2010, after being introduced to the Cofounder/Education Director of Horizon English based in Heining, China.  The representative from Horizon English felt that ASTU was very hospitable and very trustworthy as well as feeling that it is a great place and maybe the right partner for LC.  The representative for Horizon English then talked to Dr. Aguillard about ASTU.  Then, they talked about the possibility of cooperation and communication with LC to offer opportunities for international study for students from both institutions. 

Hu shared, “Actually it was not our University that found LC, but LC found us.  I believe LC was trying to open its doors to other countries for international programs.   Dr. Aguillard felt very excited about our university so our president invited them to come to have a look and to have a talk.  They came, and we signed the agreement.  Our meetings and talks were so successful.  What followed was a visit by our delegation to LC in March of this year.” 

This is the first time LC will host Chinese students for this length of time.  Administrators from both institutions are excited for the opportunity for cultural and educational exchange.  The partnership is young, but programs are progressing rapidly.  Three of the six programs decided upon between ASTU and LC are finished or in progress.  The other programs are in development to be in place next year.

“I positively think that and believe that LC will be the most important partner and our most successful one,” Zhang mentioned.  “We have opened our doors to LC and hope students and teachers will visit our campus on a regular basis just as our students and teachers will with LC.” 

As time is spent with the students and leaders at ASTU, one quickly realizes the caliber of character among the group at this educational institution.  Not only are they very hospitable, but they are enthusiastic about learning and life. 

“You first have to claim a position and then you can do something great.”  Zhang mentioned this saying when addressing the goals of the ASTU Center for International Relations.  “Only if this center grows with international programs can we grow.  As we all know the world is growing smaller and smaller. If you do not have international experience you cannot be fully successful in your future career.”

Education is taken seriously, but that does not mean there is any lack of fun, joy, and laughter.  Despite the cultural barriers facing the students as they move to another country and begin a program of study at another institution, they are excited and brought many smiles to the faces of the Esters, Bruchhaus, and Nguyen during their time together in China. 

Esters wasted no time getting to know the students and also addressed one issue during the first day of class in China.  While working with English-speaking administration and staff, each student from ASTU uses an American name.  Cindy, Sophie, and Nicholas are three American names used by the Chinese students.

“Each of the students is given an American name.  It’s difficult for them to pronounce the names at first just like it is for us their given names.  But once they get the hang of it, they think it is so much fun to have their name and learn the others.”  Esters said, “It really increases cohesiveness producing greater emotional and task-oriented connections.”   

The students are very curious about what life will be like in America while at LC.  Questions were asked about food, Internet access, and even classroom arrangements.  China is a producer of many diverse fruits and vegetables including some that are not readily available in the LC area.  The Internet will be used for their coursework and communication with family back home.  Also, there are many differences between Chinese classrooms and traditional American classrooms.

Another question was asked regarding rest time.  At ASTU, everyone takes a two-hour lunch break.  A short nap is taken by most everyone on campus after finishing their noon meal.  In America, we may think of a two-hour lunch break as too long or only for more privileged positions.  However, in China this is a way of life. 

There are many other cultural aspects that will be addressed as the year progresses.  Esters, Bruchhaus, and Nguyen know the time spent with the students in their homeland is extremely valuable. 

“We were able to see what their daily lives are like and to be their neighbors while on campus.  We saw firsthand what life at a Chinese university is like.  We ate meals with administrators and students.  We shopped at the campus supermarket.”  Bruchhaus continued, “By us being able to see where they are coming from we can now help them adjust to life at LC.  It is our hope that their quality of life will be rich and they can reach full learning capacity while attending our university.”    

The students travel to America on September 3, 2011.  They will be enrolled full-time as LC students and take education courses taught by Esters, Nguyen, and other professors in the Education Division at LC. 

LC eagerly awaits their arrival.

For more information, please contact the Office of College Communications at (318) 487-7194.



Saturday, August 27th, 2011


The start date set for the Louisiana College Caskey School of Divinity has arrived and orientation is currently taking place.  Students, mostly current preachers, have arrived from across the state to begin the Master of Arts program in the Caskey School of Divinity.


The Louisiana College Board of Trustees received $4.5 Million with $1 Million planned for matching gifts, given by an anonymous foundation that supports the mission of the college. The foundation designated that the money be used to create a School of Divinity at Louisiana College. The name of the school is The Caskey School of Divinity, after a Southern Baptist minister who tirelessly worked and evangelized in Louisiana.


Previous comments regarding the donation relay the impact felt at LC.


“We are humbled by this incredible donation to Louisiana College,” said Dr. Joe Aguillard, President of Louisiana College. “Having a School of Divinity fits perfectly into the mission of LC, and will compliment the strong Christian Studies undergraduate program we currently have.”


The founding Dean for the Caskey School of Divinity is Dr. Charles Quarles, who is currently the Vice President of Integration of Faith and Learning and Professor of New Testament and Greek at Louisiana College.  Quarles explained previously that the purpose of the Divinity School is to establish a Divinity School that will train coming generations of Christian leaders:


1) To correctly handle the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15)

2) To preach the word (2 Tim 4:2)

3) To emphasize the great truths of the Christian faith in their preaching and teaching

(1 Tim 4:16)

4) To share the gospel passionately with the lost (2 Tim 4:5)

5) To model outstanding Christian character (1 Tim 3).


Dr. Aguillard previously mentioned, “The task before us is to prepare, organize and build a program for students who love the Lord and the ministry and want to continue in their education.”


And that has been done.  A program has been designed that is unique focusing on the different needs of students.  Many pastors are bi-vocational and require classes offered in the evenings, weekends, over holidays and also many desire an on-line component.  This schedule is now in place.


LC submitted information to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for approval.  Louisiana College is an institution of higher education capable of conferring graduate degrees.  The Master of Arts in Teaching, the first Master’s program at LC, began in the summer of 2008. The start date of August 2011 is right on schedule with the presented timeline for the Master of Arts program in the Caskey School of Divinity.