August 27th, 2011


The start date set for the Louisiana College Caskey School of Divinity has arrived and orientation is currently taking place.  Students, mostly current preachers, have arrived from across the state to begin the Master of Arts program in the Caskey School of Divinity.


The Louisiana College Board of Trustees received $4.5 Million with $1 Million planned for matching gifts, given by an anonymous foundation that supports the mission of the college. The foundation designated that the money be used to create a School of Divinity at Louisiana College. The name of the school is The Caskey School of Divinity, after a Southern Baptist minister who tirelessly worked and evangelized in Louisiana.


Previous comments regarding the donation relay the impact felt at LC.


“We are humbled by this incredible donation to Louisiana College,” said Dr. Joe Aguillard, President of Louisiana College. “Having a School of Divinity fits perfectly into the mission of LC, and will compliment the strong Christian Studies undergraduate program we currently have.”


The founding Dean for the Caskey School of Divinity is Dr. Charles Quarles, who is currently the Vice President of Integration of Faith and Learning and Professor of New Testament and Greek at Louisiana College.  Quarles explained previously that the purpose of the Divinity School is to establish a Divinity School that will train coming generations of Christian leaders:


1) To correctly handle the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15)

2) To preach the word (2 Tim 4:2)

3) To emphasize the great truths of the Christian faith in their preaching and teaching

(1 Tim 4:16)

4) To share the gospel passionately with the lost (2 Tim 4:5)

5) To model outstanding Christian character (1 Tim 3).


Dr. Aguillard previously mentioned, “The task before us is to prepare, organize and build a program for students who love the Lord and the ministry and want to continue in their education.”


And that has been done.  A program has been designed that is unique focusing on the different needs of students.  Many pastors are bi-vocational and require classes offered in the evenings, weekends, over holidays and also many desire an on-line component.  This schedule is now in place.


LC submitted information to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for approval.  Louisiana College is an institution of higher education capable of conferring graduate degrees.  The Master of Arts in Teaching, the first Master’s program at LC, began in the summer of 2008. The start date of August 2011 is right on schedule with the presented timeline for the Master of Arts program in the Caskey School of Divinity.