LC Students Honored at Nursing Commissioning Ceremony

October 6th, 2011

Melody Mutch

October 6, 2011 – The nursing students of Louisiana College gathered in Granberry Conference Center on the LC campus on September 26 for their annual commissioning ceremony.  Every year, the nursing students are recognized for all of the work they have already completed as well as for the work that they will complete as they begin clinicals.

Clinicals is a very demanding time that will test the knowledge these students have acquired and help prepare them for the future in their career as they become familiar with the settings of a real hospital.

As Dr. Kimberly Sharp, Dean of the School of Nursing & Allied Health spoke, she encouraged the students to always follow their goals.  Dean Sharp cheered on the students and encouraged them to not lose their motivation and love for nursing as they set out on this pivotal point in their studies and important time in their lives.

“Families, remind them to eat. Remind them to drink water,” Dr. Sharp joked as she emphasized how difficult these next few months would be in these students’ lives.

The commissioning ceremony, followed by refreshments of punch and cake, is a way to raise the confidence of and congratulate the nursing students as they start on this new and exciting journey.

Louisiana College recognizes these students and their great accomplishments and wishes them luck as they enter into the challenging time of clinicals.

For more information, please contact the Office of College Communications at (318) 487-7194.